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The idea was that this challenge, similar to the 30-day cold shower challenge would force me to get out of my comfort zone on a daily basis, and at the same time, allow me to make some new friends and connections while improving my social skills. Out of the 30 days, I only managed to talk to someone new for 18 days.However, I don’t consider it a complete failure because in those 18 days I probably met more people than I had the entire semester.We need to be able to talk to them in credible terms if we are going to be able to stop them experimenting and potentially becoming problem drug users."Mr Ainsworth said it was important that children and young people did not receive a mixed message on drugs."Cannabis is harmful," he said. It is not legal."But it is not like heroin and it is not like cocaine and unless we have that credible differentiating message we will not be able to get the message to young people in this country."One part of that would need to involve the cracking down on the type of "cannabis cafes" which have opened up across the country in the past few years, he added.Such establishments were not legal and both he and the Home Secretary were keen to see the police use the powers they have, and will still have next year, to "come down" on the people involved in running them."The powers are there to be used and we would like to see the police using them," Mr Ainsworth said.

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He was arrested a short time later when Chambersburg police pulled over his car.Two of O'Sullivan's previous "strikes" had come in February 2000, when he was just 13 years old, and the third was in November 2003, when he was aged 16.Mr Bruce said the defendant had recently become a father for the first time, was living with his long-term partner and was in full-time employment in the building trade.The revised stance on cannabis will come into effect by next July once the Home Secretary David Blunkett reclassifies the drug from Class B to the less serious Class C in the Misuse of Drugs Act.The new guidelines in dealing with that Act come from the Association of Chief Police Officers, whose annual drugs conference started in Blackpool today.Cannabis smokers caught in possession of the drug will escape with no more than a warning when the drug is reclassified next year, it emerged today.


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