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Updating the firmware for your Samsung Blu-ray player can often improve its performance.

The interface is still very easy to use, and very intuitive.It doesn’t have extra features most people don’t need and provides bit-perfect Blu-ray playback. Sony has revamped their interface for 2015 to make their players the easiest to use for both movies and online content.The BDP-S3500 includes Wi-Fi and other important features while skipping things, like 4K upscaling, that provide little value. After our previous pick was discontinued, we spent almost 20 hours testing the Blu-ray players of 2014.which is actually a BAD thing as far as I'm concerned, as I have found myself frequently accidentally hitting the outside ring when I'm trying to hit the inside ring, or vice-versa.Fortunately for me, I seldom use the provided remote, instead using my Logitech Harmony programmable remote... But if you plan to use this remote as your primary control, I suspect you'll experience the same thing from time to time. Picture quality is gorgeous, of course, as played on my 240hz Samsung 3D LEDTV.Although we haven’t formally tested the S3700, we think getting the newer model is worth it for most people.


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