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“It’s relevant, it’s modern, but reasonably priced.” What struck him most, though, was Ivanka’s approach: “She said, ‘I’m serious about this; I’m not just a name, licensing a product without any involvement.’ She wasn’t asking for anything; there was no sense of entitlement.”When your father is Donald Trump—when you are to the brand born, as it were—a sense of entitlement about turning your name into a logo might be expected.After all, Donald Trump is virtually synonymous with the modern-day concept of branding.China is relatively new to the whole modern-stable-globalized-internet (still working on that last one, really) country thing, and when your culture is over 4,000 years in the making, old habits die hard.

Although looks can be deceiving, sometimes it’s all you have to go by. There are more pickup lines out there, and you can always change the words around to suit your personal style. She graduated from Florida State University but is originally from New York City.Last fall, she quietly launched, a site geared to the young professional woman—“the everyday version of Ivanka,” as someone on her team puts it—the same woman, presumably, who is buying all those Ivanka Trump shoes at Nordstrom, at the moment her biggest retail partner.“The style sensibility is there,” says Pete Nordstrom, the store’s president of merchandising.Please sign up and become a registered subscriber to download ALL 276 audio lessons with full PDF transcripts and worksheets.Here is another collection of Mandarin slang expressions—some of the more commonly used expressions I’ve come across in chatting with and listening to native speakers, and in books like Eveline Chao’s .(More literally, “Once you have someone of the opposite gender, you lose your humanity.”) 暗恋 (ànliàn): to have a crush (on); literally, “secretly love” 谈恋爱 (tán liàn’ài): to date; to “go steady” with; to have a relationship with 来电 (láidiàn): to have a romantic spark, feel electricity, have chemistry [with someone] 一见钟情 (yí jiàn zhōng qíng): love at first sight; to fall in love at first sight () 宝贝 (bǎobèi): “baby” or “dear”; a term of endearment for a loved one 老公 (lǎogōng): affectionate term for husband, originally from Cantonese but now in widespread use 老婆 (lǎopó): affectionate term for wife, originally from Cantonese but now in widespread use 私房钱 (sīfángqián): money kept secret from a wife or husband; e.g.


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