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The judge added that to treat another human in that way was unforgivable, more so because it was their sister and mother.He said the mother and the sister 'were essentially your slaves' and the assault on their sister involved 'absolutely appalling violence'.Other members would be part of the gang at one time or another.These included John Jarrette who was Jesse James’ brother-in-law, Clel Miller, Arthur Mc Coy, Matthew Nelson, Charlie Pitts, and Bill Chadwell.Agreeing to meet a year later to read the love letters together, Charlie and Jordan go their separate ways.

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When the war was over, these were among the men who seemed not to fit into society any longer. While they were not very organized at first, some of them drifting together by chance, they soon became a gang that had grown and learned from their mistakes.Imagine an amorphous mass of dating disasters and you get an idea of the relationship between the young couple. All the people I know who have watched this movie was horrified. Some mysterious force with the strength of gravity between two planets must be at play between Charlie and Jordan as the relationship truly makes no sense on the surface. Things suddenly come to a halt when the two write letters confessing their love for each other. All the people I know who have watched the original movie was just amazed by it. She used her husband's company credit card to buy the youngster designer goods from Selfridges.The mother-of-four was warned not to contact the boy by his parents who were suspicious about her after she bought their son two i Phones.During the 'appalling and disgraceful' 18-month period of abuse, the two women were given £1 a month to spend on essential sanitary products.


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