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(Thank God for Magic Jack because without it, we could not afford to call each other to chit-chat at our leisure.

If you have family abroad, spend the .99 and invest in this device, you will never buy a calling card again!

I called mom and told her the story and we laughed again. Well, come Saturday, I was feeling rather lazy and after a long work week , I just felt like lying around the house.

I told her, 'I'm going to the farmers market to get my cassava and I'm making egg ball this weekend! Around 1pm, my phone rang and it was mom on the other end.

Of everything, with a small yellow component at boot, and some things you’ve learned.

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) Anyhow, so as I was talking to my sis, her 5 year old (Sasha) had just returned from the shop and was eating an egg ball.

My sister kept asking my niece for a piece of her egg ball, however Sasha was reluctant to share. ' We laughed and laughed so sweet about this, but once I got to work, I could not get the image of Sasha and the egg ball out of my mind. This went on for 2 or 3 days, all I kept seeing was images of egg balls.

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