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Related: Myths and research on sex offender registries"It's destroyed my life," Webb said from his rural home in Arenac County, where he now lives alone with his dog, Cody.

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Though a misdemeanor, state law demanded Webb be listed on the same public sex offender registry as hard-core rapists, pedophiles and other felons.It has meant a decade of poverty, unemployment, harassment and depression for him.Under current state law, he'll be on the list until 2031.As of July 1, 2011, under new law, sex offenders must now provide even more information about their identity including social security number, passport information, vehicle information, employer information, and even their e-mail addresses.The registration requirements also apply to non-resident individuals, such as students and visitors, who are required to register in their home states.Related: Myths and research on sex offender registries Tier 2 Soliciting minors for sex, distributing child pornography, using the Internet to seek out children for sex, sexual touching if the victim is between 13 and 17 years of age, and soliciting a prostitute under the age of 18.


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