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I have used directories held at the Guildhall Library, London, the Society of Genealogists and the British Library.

There are obviously directories elsewhere which could be consulted, so it pays to consult all available published lists of photographers, as other researchers will have had access to a different selection.

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The Society does have an extensive research Library, unfortunately this is only available to those members who attend the monthly meetings at Epworth.We have included a list of the books available, so that you can browse through the list and decide which ones you would like to borrow at your next meeting.There are some publications that are not allowed out on loan, these are the Monumental Inscriptions, which are original copies.Margaret Russell was the first Secretary of the Society and key in the early days in getting the society recognised and established.She has helped many in their research over the years.The Glamorgan index does not include Cardiff as there was already a significant published index, but eventually I hope to create my own and add it to the site.


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