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On the night of the party, she still hadn’t heard from him. As long as you stick to that rule, you’ll be golden.

So, she texted him the party address and said she’d be there at . Just because he calls you once, it doesn’t mean you can put him on speed dial and ring him up every time you think of him.

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Texting him the party address was not only unproductive, it made her appear desperate. The bottom line is if a guy doesn’t respond to you, do not contact him again.

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” Brittney was doing fine until she didn’t hear back from Chris.

In 2000, Brenda Allison graduated from law school and moved to Chicago.

There, she found a supportive group of friends, an apartment within walking distance of the city's hottest spots..absolutely no time to date.

You have an amazing relationship with a guy who adores you. It was only a few days ago that you and the man were close, connected and intimate. The truth is…too many men make the mistake of running away from what could be perfectly good relationships with amazing women.

He tells you he’s unhappy, and suddenly he has one foot out the door.


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