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Goober and Gomer would tangled up in a hilarious change-partners dance. Then Knotts returned here, in a color episode (that alone should have been a bad omen, but we had a black and white TV then). Barney makes plans to meet up again with Thelma Lou. When Barney finds out that Thelma Lou is married, it is the sad reality, which is unfortunately commonly more true to life than the fairy tales of destiny, that realization of missed opportunities, and loss.

Episode after episode of Barney and Thelma Lou, double-dating, triple-dating with Gomer and Thelma Lou's cousin (played by Mary Grace Canfield, who alongside Betty Lynn and Aneta Courseaut, Canfield shows she had no problem getting a man for real. Being an incredibly sad episode, it is still important in displaying an important lesson of love.

She was the steady girlfriend of Deputy Barney Fife (Don Knotts) and, despite some relationship ups and downs, they were meant for one another.

Thelma Lou and Barney parted ways when he left Mayberry to join the Raleigh police force and Knotts left the series after five years.

Thelma Lou's debut occurs in the first season episode, "Cyrano Andy".

The tragic episode tried to wrap things up with Barney getting another girl, but I was crushed. The movie would set straight what this horrible, horrible episode of the TV show had done. I saw this episode last week on TVland for the dedication to Don Knotts. Don Knotts once said in an interview that he thought that even though Barney had love in his heart, that he always thought the character was afraid of commitment, which is obviously portrayed.

Love always lasts, but opportunities may disappear.

A legendary misstep on the part of the AGS creative team, the worst of many in the color/post-Knotts run of the show.

Prior to his death, Knotts and Lynn would sometimes appear together, sitting side by side.

Last year, Knotts’ widow donated some of her husband’s clothes to the Griffith museum in Mount Airy and Lynn was on hand, with tears in her eyes, to see them arrive.


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